Meet The Team

Ken Duggan, a man wearing a blue button-up shirt with a bit of facial hair and a combed-back grey haircut.
Ken Duggan

Senior Pastor

Ken has led DBC for more than twenty-eight years. He serves as lead Pastor and communicator for Dallas Bay Church. Ken has earned not only his Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, but two doctorate degrees from Covington Theological Seminary. He and his wife Marilyn have two children and one grandchild.

Steve Reid

Executive Pastor

Steve serves Dallas Bay Church as Executive Pastor where he oversees strategic planning, finance, administration, human resources, and operations. He and his wife Kelly have five children, as well as three grandchildren.

Steve Reid, a man wearing a patterned blue shirt and straight, short brown hair with a bit of gray mixed in.
Cesar Arocha, a man wearing a denim button-up shirt, with some facial hair and a combed-back dark brown haircut.
Cesar Arocha

Senior Associate Pastor

Cesar pastors our family ministry which covers ages all the way from preschool to young adults. He also leads our evangelism efforts, oversees our publications and marketing strategies and shares in the responsibility of teaching during our Sunday services. Cesar and his wife Lacey have three children.

Aaron Goccia

Global Outreach Pastor

Aaron leads our global outreach and local ministry efforts and oversees communication and leadership development with Sunday morning Small Group Leaders. Aaron and his wife Melanie have two boys.

Aaron Goccia, a man wearing a purple button-up shirt, with a brown combed-back haircut and a beard.
Dawn Noles, a woman with auburn hair wearing a black shirt with black-and-white striped sleeves that have flower patterns on them.
Dawn Noles

Director of Preschool Ministries

Dawn oversees our Preschool Ministries which includes child care during our Sunday services as well as our mid-week services. She also leads Dallas Bay’s Mother’s Day Out program and provides leadership to Dallas Bay Kindergarten. Dawn and her husband John have three children and one grandchild.

LeaAnn West

Director of Children's Ministries

Through programs like Summer in the Son, weekly Bible Studies on Sundays, and regular events, LeaAnn leads the Children’s Ministry at Dallas Bay Church. She oversees all the planning, organization and programming that is involved with this ministry.

LeAnn West, a blonde woman wearing a black shirt.
Tyler Worley, a man wearing a light blue shirt, with curly brown hair.
Tyler Worley

Middle School Pastor

Tyler leads the effort that Dallas Bay has embraced to pour into Middle School students not only in our church family but in the community. He also leads Sunday Morning Small Groups and Wednesday Night service for the Middle School Ministry. Tyler and his wife Emily have two boys.

Drew Clayton

High School Pastor

Drew leads our High School student body. His mission is to reach High School students in our area with the gospel and to disciple those already a part of our group. He also oversees Sunday Morning Small Groups and our Wednesday Night Service for the high school ministry. Drew and his wife Callie have one son.

Drew Clayton, a light brown haired man with a bit of facial hair, wearing a red polo shirt.
Jason Dildine, a man wearing a beige striped shirt with some stubble and short, brown hair.
Jason Dildine

College Ministry Pastor

As God adds to its numbers, Jason leads the ever-growing College Ministry by overseeing Tuesday night student-led Bible Studies, Sunday morning small groups, and Sunday night groups. Jason and his wife Jessica have two boys.

Cathy Hodnett

Director of Women's Ministry

Cathy oversees the Women’s Ministry by leading out in the planning and direction of Women’s events, programs, and bringing dynamic speakers to Dallas Bay. Cathy also oversees all women’s Bible Studies which happen throughout the week. Cathy and her husband Derek have three children.

Cathy Hodnett, a brown-haired woman wearing a bright pink shirt.
Ken Young, a gentleman wearing a blue button-up shirt with striaght-combed gray hair.
Ken Young

Senior Adults Ministry and Care Leader

Ken participates in regular home and hospital visits of church family who are not able to attend services. In bringing God’s word, a joyful presence, and prayer to these, Ken serves our Senior Adult Ministry. He and his wife Rose have two children.

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