Jason Dildine leads our College and Career class that meets in Portable 2, Sunday mornings @ 10:00 A.M.

Over the summer, Young Pros will meet at different locations and times:

June 8th—Student Led Bible study @7 (Henderson’s)

June 13th—Young Pros @5 (Dildine’s)

June 22nd—Student Led Bible study @7 (Henderson’s)

June 27th—Young Pros @5 (Dildine’s)

July 1st—Gen-Gap 6-9pm (Mens Outreach)

July 6th—Student Led Bible study @7 (Martin’s)

July 10th—Mens Breakfast @8am

July 11th—Young Pros @5 (Dildine’s)

Friday July 16th—Movie Night @the Met 9pm-

July 20th—Student Led Bible study @7(Martin’s)

July 25th—Young Pros @5 (Dildine’s)

Aug 1st—Big Soddy Gulf (hike) meet @4

Aug 3rd—Student Led Bible study @7 (Camenisch)

Aug 7th—Mens Breakfast @8am

Aug 8th—Young Pros @5 (Dildine’s)

Aug 15th—Fall Creek Falls (Hike) Meet at the church @2

Aug 17th—Student Led Bible study @7 (Camenisch)

Aug 22nd—Young Pros @5 (Dildine’s)

Aug 29th—Laurel-Snow (Hike) Meet at the church @3

Aug 31st—Student Led Bible study @7 (Camenisch)

Contact Jason Dildine for more information regarding our College Ministry

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