21 Days To Seek Him

21 Days To Seek Him is a series designed to place Dallas Bay Church in a season of intentional prayer and fasting. Our heart is that personal relationships with the Lord would be strengthened, and that our church as a whole would find direction and inspiration for what God would have us do within the year 2022.


We know that the term “fasting” can be intimidating for some. Please know that just like your personal walk with Christ, each person’s fast could look different. Some types of fasting that you may feel led to follow might be:

Within each of these fasting examples the idea and the intention remain the same: to deny yourself in order to pursue Christ more fully. Fasting should not create a legalistic lifestyle, but one of humility and a burden for the Lord. That’s why we don’t have one singular fast that we are asking everyone to follow, rather, we are asking that you seek how God would have you participate during the next 21 days!


In addition to fasting, we’re encouraging our church family to be daily meeting with God in prayer and Bible reading.

Check out some of the resources below that provide different reading and prayer guides, including the official 21 Days To Seek Him Devotionals, written by Callie Clayton.











Daily Devotional Day 1- January 10

Daily Devotional Day 2- January 11

Daily Devotional Day 3- January 12

Daily Devotional Day 4- January 13

Daily Devotional Day 5- January 14

Daily Devotional Day 6- January 15

Daily Devotional Day 7- January 16

Daily Devotional Day 8- January 17

Daily Devotional Day 9- January 18

Daily Devotional Day 10- January 19

Daily Devotional Day 11- January 20

Daily Devotional Day 12- January 21

Daily Devotional Day 13- January 22

Daily Devotional Day 14- January 23


24 Hours of Prayer

January 29th, 2022 @ 8am – January 30th, 2022 @ 8am

To finish off the 21 Days To Seek Him challenge, we want to cover our church, community, and nation in prayer for a full 24 hours from 8am on Saturday morning, January 29th, through 8am on Sunday morning before we celebrate together at church. Below you can find 15 minute time slots where you can sign up to pray! Once you sign up, you will receive an email with a prayer guide to help you through your 15 minutes. Thank you church for your communicating with the Lord!

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